Biography of Dr. Hamza AlMadani

Biography of Dr. Hamza AlMadani

Dr. Hamza Ali Almadani

Lawyer and Legal Consultant




– Bachelor of Law in 1967G from Cairo University.

– Master Degree in Law (Commercial Contracts) in 1974G from X – N Province –Marseille – France .

– State Doctorate in the Commercial law in 1979G  from X – N  Province – Marseille – France .

– License for the practice of legal consultations issued from the Ministry of commerce (General department of internal trade) No.814 on 11/10/1421H, plus the subsequent licenses for practicing law and legal consultations.


Years of experience:

(45) Forty five years.


Practical experience:

– Legal consultant for the Higher council of planning. This council is an affiliate to the Council of Ministers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 1967- 1968G.

– Assistant Professor of commercial & marine law at King Abdul Aziz University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 1980 – 1997G.

– Head of the Department of law at King Abdul Aziz University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 1982 – 1987G.

– Legal advisor for the Chamber of commerce – Jeddah governorate: 1984- 1988G.

– Legal advisor for the Ministry of Defense: 1983- 1985G.

– Legal advisor for the Ministry of Health: 1984 – 1988G.

– Appointed by the Minister of commerce to be member at the judicial committee at the Ministry of Commerce: 1984G.

– Vice president of the Customs Appeal Committee (It is an appellate committee for customs smuggling cases): 1988 – 2001G.

– Arbitrator as per resolution from the Minister of Justice No. 1390 dated 1424H for: commercial cases and investment disputes.


Presented several reports and arbitration in the disputes and the commercial cases to the following authorities:

+ Board of Grievance

+ General court

+ Princedom

+ Civil rights

+ Chambers of Commerce

+ Directly contracting parties


Published books compiled by Dr.Hamza Ali Almadani:

Saudi commercial law- Fifth edition, it is a reference for those who work in this field.

Companies and commercial agencies (A study about unification of Trade regulations in the states of the GCC).

Several articles on different subjects concerning the Commercial law.

Several researches on the commercial & marine law.