Establishment of commercial companies

Registration of Companies Our Law Firm establishes all types of commercial companies and drafts their contracts, notarizes them, modifies the formulation ... Read More

Foreign Investment

The Law Firm provides integrated services for the foreign investor and the mixed companies (individuals & companies) and completes the required formalities such as: obtaining the required permits and licenses ... Read More

Agencies and Trademarks

The office undertakes the responsibility of agencies registration services, trademarks, trade-names, patents, copyrights and all intellectual property rights in order to provide protection to them at relevant authorities. This protection ... Read More

Real Estate Issues

The Law Firm provides distinguished legal services for the disputes of the real estate’s issues and all its related cases, especially issues regarding compensation and expropriation for the public benefit ... Read More

Court cases

The Law Firm provides representation of parties at all courts with all their levels and the at all judicial committees in all cases; civil, commercial, labor, financial, banking, real estates, ...
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International issues

The office represents parties out of Kingdom if required, and there are several competent International Law Firms which always cooperate and coordinate with our office ... Read More

Commercial Papers

The Law Firm is specialized in the cases of the commercial papers of all kinds: cheques, bills of exchange, security ... Read More

Administrative Cases

The Law Firm assumes the administrative issues in which the State is a Party in its contractual ... Read More

Labor Cases

The office undertakes all matters related to labor and employment law, internal regulations and codes ... Read More

Heirs & Inheritance law

The Law Firm undertakes the service of defining the heirs to the property and its distribution to them as per Sharia and law. Read More

Legal Consultations

The office offers legal verbal and written consultations on the various areas of law and its branches. Read More


The Law Firm is considered a specialist reference in cases of commercial, and contracting cases ... Read More

Contracts & Agreements

Our Law Firm prepares, drafts and revises contracts, agreements, all types of transactions, memorandums of understanding and good-will letters by ... Read More

Environmental issues

The Law Firm assumes the issues related to environmental and noise pollution resulting from the factories and their dangerous waste. It also evaluates the resulting ... Read More

Insurance Issues

It also deals with the cases of the types of insurance either medical, marine, air, ground or movable and immovable assists with their related compensation ... Read More